At Powered Projects, we pride ourselves on offering impressive domestic electric services. If you’re in the market for domestic electrical services, you’ll benefit from discovering all that we have to offer.

In order to give you the inside scoop on what we can provide, we’ve created a helpful quick guide.

Fully Qualified Staff At Your Service

First off, let’s talk about credentials. After all, you need to know that you will be hiring a firm with all of the right stuff.

Our fully-licensed electrical contractors offer services which are delivered according to the highest industry standards. By following AS3000 and Energex guidelines and adhering to all relevant government laws, we ensure that each and every client receives the safest and most efficient electrical services and/or products.

In addition, we are pleased to provide a one-year warranty on all products we supply and install.

When you choose us today, you’ll enjoy the ultimate in transparancy and accountability before, during and after your transaction.

From the first interaction to the final follow-up, we’ll ensure that you have a voice! During the job, we’ll respect your property and possessions, making certain that your biggest investment – your private residence – is protected.

Now, let’s discuss the specific domestic electrical services that we offer…

Our Domestic Services

Our services are comprehensive and they are designed to meet any needs that you may have. For example, we provide servicing of existing electrical equipment. In addition, we offer 24/7 emergency services to our new and existing customers. We also provide maintenance services, including yearly inspections, so that the electrical systems of our clients continue to perform well over time.

Powered Projects - Domestic

However, our domestic electrical services don’t stop there! We are also pleased to offer installation services for residential properties. We are able to recommend the most reliable electrical systems or design new systems according to your specific requirements.

Our work will be performed in a timely fashion, according to your own budget.

If you want Brisbane’s best, you’ll find that our company really delivers.

At Powered Projectss, we know that we’re only as good as the word-of-mouth advertising that we receive. This is why we bring painstaking attention to detail to every job! Our large base of loyal clients keeps growing, because we really care.