A modern switchboard is fitted with circuit breakers, safety switches for light and power, high voltage diverters and appropriate labels. If your switchbox doesn’t suit these requirements, you will need to call an electrician in Brisbane to upgrade your system.

Electrical safety is always a priority and an outdated switchbox can easily cause a fire, endangering both your property and the lives of anyone in your home. Electrical contractors are well versed in upgrading switchboxes in Brisbane, so just give your local tradie a call and it will be fixed quickly.

How do you know if your switchboard needs an upgrade?

If you aren’t really sure whether your switchboard needs to be upgraded, the first thing to do is to open the cover and decide whether you have circuit breakers or fuses. Any switchboard that still uses fuses is a likely fire hazard and needs to be upgraded to circuit breakers as a matter of priority.

If you are still in the dark, fuses need to be replaced when they blow, whilst circuit breakers just need to be reset. The older your home, the more likely it is that you still have an older type of switchboard, so if you have ever replaced a fuse in your switchboard, then you need to have it upgraded by your electrical contractors.

Another reason to call your electrician in Brisbane to upgrade your switchboard (even if it is fitted with circuit breakers) is when you want to add additional circuits and there isn’t enough room in the box. Some people like to have a dedicated circuit breaker for their air-conditioning, pool or spa pumps, which is fine if you have the space in the box. Otherwise, you will need to upgrade the switchboard to allow for the extra circuits.

Yet another reason to upgrade your switchboard is if you are installing solar power, because your switchboard will need a new metering device to account for the power you send to the grid.

If you think that you might need a new switchboard, it’s always best to ask your electrical contractors in Brisbane to take a look for you, as it’s better to be safe than sorry, particularly with the issue of electrical safety in the home. Call us on 1300 306 974 and we will send an electrician to your home in Brisbane ASAP or send us an email.