Electrical safety is important to everyone and RCD safety switches must be installed in all rental properties, as well as in all homes that are sold in Queensland, within three months of the sale. If you don’t already have at least one RCD safety switch, electrical contractors can’t legally work in your home, unless they are actually installing one of these switches.

Why do you need RCD safety switches?

We all know that circuit breakers protect your home’s wiring and appliances from being overloaded, which can happen when too many appliances are plugged into one powerpoint. On the other hand, RCD safety switches protects everyone from being electrocuted. Just imagine calling in a residential electrician who drills through the wall into a live wire!

Accidents like this can happen, which is why these safety switched have become a legal requirement. Since 15 people each year die from electrocution, these safety switches are worth their weight in gold.

How do RCD safety switches work?

RCD electrical safety switches constantly monitor the current flowing in the active and neutral wires to a circuit or appliance, which should always be balanced. A problem in the circuit or a fault in the appliance will trip the safety switch and cut off the power before you are electrocuted. It only takes 30 milliseconds for these switches to trip, which is enough time to prevent electrocution. They also prevent fires being caused by electrical faults. If you don’t already have these electrical safety switches in your home, it’s time to call your local electrical contractors and have them installed.

How many RCD switches do you need?

You must have these switches installed at the main switchboard and you can recognise them by the test button on the front of each switch. At least two electrical safety switches should be installed – one for the power and one for the lighting circuits. Whether you legally require two switches depends on when you house was built, but two is really the minimum you need to protect everyone in your home and your property as it’s ideal to have 1 RCD for each circuit, whether that be power, light, cooktop or air cons.

Your residential electrician can also install a combination circuit breaker and safety switch, which is a great option if your Switchboard is running out of space. You can also buy portable safety switches that attach to power boards and extension leads, as well as others that are built into a double power point.

If your home needs one or more electrical safety switches installed, call the electrical contractors at Powered Projects on 1300 306 974 or send us an email. We will be there ASAP.