It’s been a hot summer in Brisbane with everyone doing their best to keep their cool as the temperatures have soared. As electrical contractors, we have been kept busy helping people install a range of devices to cool their homes, as well as performing electrical safety inspections for existing appliances. It’s always a good idea to have your air-conditioning checked every year by an electrician in Brisbane before the start of the hot weather, just to make sure that it will be working when you need it!

You don’t have to go to the expense of installing air-conditioning however, because there are lots of other ways you can keep your home cool in summer.

  • When it’s hotter outside than inside, close your windows, blinds and curtains and open them again at night when it cools down outside.
  • Install a whirly bird on your roof to help remove the heat that collects in the roof space and add good quality insulation as well. Simply call one of our electrical contractors in Brisbane to come out for the installation.
  • Don’t use the tumble dryer, because it puts out a lot of heat. Instead dry your clothes inside on a clothes rack and position a fan to blow through them. This will dry your clothes and help to cool your home.
  • To increase the flow of air though your home install a few ceiling fans, as these are cheap to buy and to run, much cheaper than an air-conditioner. Once you have made your purchase, simply call an electrician in Brisbane and you will soon enjoy a beautiful breeze in your home.
  • If you are renting or can’t afford to buy and install air-conditioning in your home, the cheaper alternative is to use a portable air-conditioner. These can be moved from room to room and also you can take them with you when you relocate. On the negative side however, they are still expensive to buy and need to be positioned near a window to vent the hot air. They can also be expensive to run (approx $2-$10 a day depending on outside temp).

Electrical safety is always important, so if you purchase any cooling devices this summer, make sure that you call our electrical contractors in Brisbane for a professional install, repair or service. Call us on 1300 306 974 or send us an email.