Powered Projects - Industrial

At Powered Projects, we are proud of our strong and positive business reputation. This extends to our industrial electrical services, which are always delivered with the most painstaking attention to detail.

We employ a group of skilled and fully-licensed electrical contractors. These pros have been cherry-picked for their credentials, positive attitudes, vision and trouble-shooting ability. Each team member will go the extra mile in order to provide you with the maintenance, upgrades and installations that you need.

Any electrical products that we supply come with a one-year warranty.

Our Industrial Services

Our team provides skill, professionalism and innovative electrical solutions across the board. By selecting Powered Projects as your industrial electrical services provider, you’ll access the very best in power generation, plant maintenance/repair, HVAC/refrigeration and motor overhaul (electric).

We are able to service, install or upgrade an assortment of specialized machines, handle PLC pneumatic and hydraulic systems and test (and tag) a range of power tools and appliances. In addition, we work on alarms for machines, as well as machine controls.

Powered Projects - Industrial

The services that we’ve listed here barely scratch the surface in terms of what we have to offer. When you connect with our team, we’ll be able to give you a consultation and quotation for the precise services that you require.

We have the versatility to take care of all of your industrial electrical needs. In addition, we will make sure that you feel valued and heard throughout the process, from the first interaction to the final follow-up. We’ll also be there to provide maintenance and repairs on an as-needed basis.

You’ve made the right choice!

Now is the right time to choose an exceptional provider company. When you place your trust in us, you’ll be very pleased with the results. Since we value customer service, we will go out of our way to make you happy. Our team will also do all that they can to minimize interruptions at your industrial facility as they perform their duties.

Good service, affordability, great credentials and innovative industrial electrical solutions are what we are known for.