What is Powered Projects?

Powered Projects is Australia’s leading solar installation management company. We are trying to change the way installers feel about working with retailers by providing a seamless and easy installation process for all parties involved.

How do we do this?

We conduct all pre-approvals, order all stock and organise delivery to a depot or directly to site. We also contact and schedule all customers through our scheduling app ServiceM8 and offer onsite technical support.

For scheduling and paperwork, we use an app called ServiceM8. This app allows retailers to create job files with job details and photos. As a minimum, retailers must upload the following information for each job:

  • The customer’s name, address, email and contact number
  • System capacity
  • Panel brand and capacity
  • Inverter brand and capacity
  • Roof type
  • Roof height
  • Additional installation information e.g. requires tilts or klip locks
  • A photo of the property from street view
  • A photo of the roof
  • A photo of the switchboard and meter
  • Proposed panel layout

By uploading all of this information to the job file, installers can review the installation details before it takes place.

We also allow for site visits and live approvals for costs such as switchboard upgrades, so if an installer sees something in the job file or on-site that doesn’t seem right, they can let us know and we will discuss the issue with the retailer.

Our scheduling app ServiceM8 is also used as a way to communicate with customers. It allows Powered Projects and installers to send text messages and emails to customers that they can respond to. This is then permanently logged in the job file so it can be viewed when necessary.

When it comes to the installation part of the process, we know that installers may have been stung in the past by retailers not ordering enough stock or ordering the wrong stock. That’s why we order up to 10kW worth of spare tin, tile and tilt kits as well as klip locks to our depots.

This mitigates the risk of installs falling through due to incorrect stock on hand. We also get stock delivered in advance to allow installers to check over the stock and make any issues known so that we can organise a fix before the installation takes place.

To allow for less paperwork, we have built the following forms and functions into ServiceM8:

  • JSA
  • Commissioning Sheet
  • STC Form
  • RFS Form (ACT Only)
  • Panel Barcode Scanner

Once completed, these forms are logged in the customer’s job file.

Managing payments between retailers and installers also allows us to offer 7-day payment terms once the CES has been received.

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